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Pattie Carney, Animal Communicator


Animal Workshops



Thank you for the opportunity to share my work as an
Animal Communicator,
Reiki Practitioner & Teacher and Intuitive Healer
with you. 

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I imagine you are reading this because you love your animal companion and friend from your deep heart.  This love is genuine, honest, gentle and finds you smiling, laughing and crying.  There is a flow between the two of you that you might not be able to find words for.  You’re reading this because you want to understand and be helpful.  The animals appreciate you wanting to know more about them.

Animal communication happens when we move out of our busy mind into the quiet of our heart.  It is telepathic communication, the sending and receiving of pictures, thoughts and feelings.  This intuitive way of communicating is innate in all of us.  Our animals communicate this way all the time, with each other and with people.  As an Animal Communicator, I work with you, and your animal friend, opening the pathway for a two way conversation.  For you, it is an opportunity to learn more about your dear friend, and for the animal it allows their voice to be heard.  If you have questions about a behavior, a physical concern, end of life decisions, their purpose in your life, pet selection, etc, consider scheduling an appointment.


Many people are seeking natural and spiritual alternatives to increase their sense of well being of body, mind and spirit.  Reiki translated means spiritually guided life force energy.  Reiki offers relaxation and clarity of mind, creating space for the radiant light of your true essence to be expressed.  It is with intention and trust that the healing energy of Divine Love flows thru me and is received by the person or animal for their highest good.  Reiki may be performed hands-on or at a distance.

Animals love Reiki!  They are usually more connected to their true essence and honor the peaceful presence of the healing energy.


I help you to use your inner spiritual resources to create a deeper, more joy filled life.  I’ll introduce you to new ways to understand and help your body, mind and spirit heal.  Using meaningful daily practices, you’ll shift your energy toward more positive and productive solutions, giving you the ability to listen more directly to your own deep heart, your true Self.  Allow your authentic Self to create lasting empowerment and healing in your life.